Grey Metal Folding Chair
$1.50    QT:

A standard folding chair with a comfortable seat. Well suited to first birthday parties or other events with many guests.

White Folding Chair
$6    QT:

Have you dreamed of a white wedding? Or do you want a clean look at your party? This white folding chair is perfect.

Oakwood Chair
$6    QT:

The Oakwood chair is a refined, light colored folding wood chair, great for outdoor or indoor parties and weddings.

Fruitwood Chair
$6    QT:

Take the Fruitwood chair for a classy look at your tropical party or wedding reception.

$15    QT:

This gorgeous wood chair is well suited to wedding parties and VIP guests.

Bamboo Chair
$7.50    QT:

A luxurious tropical chair, which brings that island flair.

Round Table, 5ft
$10    QT:

A round table that seats 8 guests comfortably. Good for including everyone in a group and keeping the party going.

Round Table, 5 ft 6 in
$12.50    QT:

A round table that seats 10 guests comfortably. Good for including everyone in a group and keeping the party going.

Rectanular table, 6 ft x 30 in
$10    QT:

This 6' rectangular table will seat 6 people. Line up multiple tables in a row to create luau style seating.

Rectanular table, 8 ft x 30 in
$12.50    QT:

A rectangular table that seats 8 guests comfortably. Mix and match with 6' tables to get the length you need.

Round table, 30 in
$10    QT:

A small serving table for pupus or drinks.

Highboy table
$10    QT:

This raised circular table is great for standing parties. Guests are free to mingle and socialize without having to get into or out of a chair.

Square table, 48 in
$12.50    QT:

For a refined center table, the 48" square is perfect. Adorn it with some nice linen and put the cake or other goodies on it for a great showpiece.

Serpentine table
$10    QT:

Serpentines are used when serving lots of people in a confined space. These are often used by hotels to serve large parties and are thinner than the other rectangular tables.

90"x90" Linen
$8    QT:

This tablecloth covers the 5' and 5'6" round tables. It hangs 1/3 to 1/2 way to the floor.

90" Round Linen
$10    QT:

This is perfect for the cocktail tables.

108" Linen
$30    QT:

The 108" linen covers the 5' round table and hangs all the way to the floor.

120" Round Linen
$30    QT:

This round table cloth hangs to the floor from the 5'6" round table.

Banquet Linen
$8    QT:

This table cloth covers the 6 and 8 foot rectangle tables and hangs 1/2 way to the floor.

90"x156" Linen
$30    QT:

This rectangular table cloth covers the 8' table and hangs to the floor.

90"x132" Linen
$10    QT:

This rectangular table cloth covers the 6' table and hangs to the floor.

Cloth Napkins
$1    QT:

These are available in white or ivory.

Skirting with clips
$35    QT:

These are available in white or ivory and are available in 21' or 17' lengths.

5' Square Palaka
$18    QT:

A beautiful red and white gingham table cloth for the 5' rounds.

8' Rectangular Palaka
$18    QT:

A beautiful red and white gingham table cloth for the 8' x 30" tables.

A party isn't all just tables and chairs; we have listed some of our favorite vendors to help round out your party or wedding needs:


  • Sam's Place    (Robyn Dylan):
    (808) 885-4458

  • Cater Hawaii    (Amy Ferguson):
    (808) 345-0789

  • Captains Table Catering    (Colin Gould):
    (808) 334-0383

  • Island Thyme Gourmet    (Bobo):
    (808) 936-6511

  • Aloha Monday's    (Kanoa Miura):
    (808) 640-2093

  • Simple Elegance    (Maha Kraan):
    (808) 889-5120

  • Blue Moon Catering    (Claudette Smith):
    (808) 889-5120

  • Hawaiian Food Specialists

  • Up Country Catering    (John Keolanui):
    (808) 896-0098

  • Alex Akau    (Alex Akau):
    (808) 936-0475

  • Palehu Grill    (Kulike Chong):
    (808) 960-8207

Wedding Planners

Tents, Staging, Dancefloor

Sounds and Lighting


Film Production

  • Lilikoi Productions    (Gail Pyburn):
    (808) 938-1592

Portable Restrooms

  • Brian's Pumping
    (808) 303-0890

  • Hawaii Johns
    (808) 775-0460
About Us:

Waimea Party Rentals strives to ease your party stress. We supply high quality tables, chairs, and linens for Big Island parties and weddings. We have the perfect chairs and tables for your child's first birthday party or a stunning white wedding.

John Kawano started Waimea Party Rentals in 1999 to serve the island of Hawaii with quality table and chair rentals. Over the years, the company has expanded its stock so that we now offer the best selection of high quality chairs in this market. No other rental company here takes such care of their stock. At Waimea Party Rentals, all chairs are washed when they are returned from an event, this means that all of our chairs are clean and our white chairs are white!

Waimea Party Rentals is locally owned and operated in the town of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. The owner grew up here and, in this community, reputation means means everything!

Contact information:

John Kawano

64-971 Mamalahoa rd.
Kamuela, HI 96743

(808) 885-7368

Licensing and Insurance:

Waimea Party Rentals is a Limited Liabity Company in the State of Hawaii. We have been registered with the American Rental Association since 2007.

We care about the quality of our service, and strive to ensure your satisfaction and safety; we also carry liability insurance from the American Rental Association which means you are covered in the unlikely event of an incident or damage to your property.

If you have any questions about our insurance or other business issues, please let us know. Also, if you would like to see the quality of our rental equipment, we can schedule an appointment for you to do so.

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